Any Way To Create A Fake Virus Prank In Linux?

Hi, Do You Know How To Create A fake Virus Prank For Linux, All Of The Guides I Saw Are For Windows Only So Are There Any Ones For Linux, What I Mean is a window displaying a message with buttons leading to a prank text, are there any for linux?

I think an easy way would be using Zenity / Bash.

You could create fake dialogs, messages…

Sorry, but What is Zenity?

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Thnks That Looks Good, although I had to add the !g bang on duckduckgo, not a fan of duckduck go

Yes, reading back I should know you’re a great fan of Google. That’s fine, I could use Google too, or Yahoo, or whatever search engine.
But you get the idea: use your preferred search engine for the query! Mine is the Duck. :smiley:

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