Anyone here as kernel developer? Or know someone? Please read this!


I’m a former Windows user, moving toward Linux. Time to time I find out how I do something on Linux instead of Windows. Regular browsing and emailing, most office stuff is quite straightforward.
Video editing not so much, but thanks to BMD, Davinci is crossplatform, and for me works quite well on Linux too.
My usual tasks also include to write many DVD’s, that’s why I have multiple burners.
Recently gave a try to do it on Linux, and failed, so had to move back to windows for this now.
Googling around I found cdrskin, and had an email chat with Thomas Schmitt who is the developer of cdrskin.
There’s a workaround how I could use my burners at the same time, but the normal way it is impossible because of a kernel bug introduced in 2010. Thomas also has good ideas how it would be possible to fox those bugs, but he isn’t a kernel developer.
So if there’s a kernel developer reading this, please look for cdrskin, contact Thomas Schmitt, and harvest some low hanging fruits, as he told me… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention

The best way to get a patch into the Linux Kernel is through their github portal.
This article explains how. You may want to pass it on to your developer.

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I’ll point him to this post.