Anyone using Crossover with H&R Block?

The last two years Ive moved a lot of windows people to linux. I have been getting a lot of emails from people about doing their taxes. I happened to see a older article today on itsfoss about crossover. They have nothing up to date on tax software.

Is there anyone using the current version H&R Block wine or crossover?

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im havent found anything by hr block for linux ( canadian) income tax but have been directed to mytaxexpress. have a look at it.

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Doesnt work for these people. Thanks.

i did investigate the hr block website and nowhere on their site is there any mention of linux capability. also, i looked at the crossover site to see any connection to hr block and it doesnt appear to be in use by crossover. that is why i looked at other tax programs ( mind you i was looking at canadian programs)

I did as well - and with so very few responses to each, that is why I asked in forums if anyone was able to get it working.

TurboTax works quite nicely in Linux on Firefox. I don’t think I’d look for a client application but rather use the web app.

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Unfortunately that isnt an option.