Application for automatic album art for mp3?



I have an mp3 collection which I got from a friend. It was an old copy from his HDD. Is there any tool which can fetch cover art for them ? Kodi works fine, but it is not my default choice as a player. Currently, I use Rhythmbox without any cover art. The file names are not great either.



Have you used:

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clementine can fetch cover art and artist/song info tags. sometimes the tag fetch is off so i usually check wikipedia to make sure song numbers and release years are correct.


I got this collection in a very bad state. The song name is intact in most of the songs, but associated with some junk words as well. Most of these songs are South Indian. That is why I wanted to know if those international cover art fetching will work.

Update :
Tried Clementine. Didn’t fetch any art for me


I want to have it on a player. Is it how this one works ?


Picard works differently. It has a huge library. It will identify the songs from the audio itself.


Is definitely a way superior way of analysis. I think the best way would be if there would be a combination of metadata + audio itself. Then the match rate of assigning the correct art should be 99%, I imagine.


And show where ? Is it another player ?


It will update the metadata of the music files itself. You’ll have to explore the app.