Application in Ubuntu

How Can I make application in Ubuntu using C++, GUI Based

Open a text editor, put in your source code, compile the source files and run the executable.

Hello and welcome.
For your relatively unspecific question @Akito had the right answer.
I suppose, you’d like to develop your own programs (or start learning).
There are a bunch of How-To options out there.
As long as you haven’t got a specific question, the following may do:

I recently started to poke around with Cobol again and I use Visual Studio Code OSS for this.
It’s available in the regular Ubuntu repos.
Or you can use Atom or Eclipse…

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Hi @Saquib_Ahmed,
What do you need exactly?
You want to know what GUIs you can use with C++?
I don’t program in C++ but I could try to help you, if you could be more specific

@Fast.Edi, you got to be kidding. :joy: You can actually code / use Cobol in Linux!
From one old Cobol programmer to (maybe) another.
On that subject (compilers) does anyone know about running Basic on Linux. I have not done a search yet.

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Yeah, kind of.
I learned Cobol somewhat 25 years ago alongside C and Assembler in my second education (don’t know if there’s an english word for this).
“Unfortunately” I got a really good job in a marketing department directly after school and so never used it again.
Should have. Because by now, I would be rushing to the US and making $$$… :wink:

According to your Basic-question:
One of my presentations for our community was about programming under GNU/Linux.
I had Gambas and FreeBasic on my sheets…