APT doesn't work with internal proxy network over VPN

Setup & Why?

PROBLEM: When we use mobile network (mobile data), the ISP sets a limit to the number of devices connected as well as extremely throttles the network on non-primary device. ISP does this through firewalls and intenal tools filtering (think of it like a MAC filter on your router network but more advance). It’s difficult to circumvent this and using VPN etc., don’t work in this situation when the ISP knows of us using anther device and sharing the network through hotspot or something else.

MY SOLUTION: We setup a proxy server on our mobile and share the network through hotspot. Now the trick here is that our connection goes through the hotspot but actually passes through the mobile proxy, so in a way it goes through the primary device. This is a perfect solution if you want to share VPN connection from mobile to other devices.

APT Issues

Everything works. But the only thing that doesn’t work at all is apt commands or any other package management systems. They don’t even connect to the server and connection is timed out!? Flatpaks work, but apt does not!!

What could be the issue and how to solve this? Has anyone of you faced this issue? I don’t understand that apt is not working even after using VPN so there shouldn’t be a chance that ISP sees the request. BTW, the ISP is blocking TCP VPN connections, so I have to use UDP most of the time. The only TCP connections allowed without VPN is google and youtube, all else is virtually blocked.

Let me know any solution to this issue! Cheers.

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which VPN are you using. I use Protonvpn and Apt works fine. everything works fine. I have xfinity ISP. seti@home akregator firefox deluge apt everything

The ISP is explicitly blocking data sharing using hotspot. I used proxy server from mobile for evading this block. The requests from pc goes through hotspot, then the proxy server & then through vpn. Somewhere in between I guess while going through the proxy server, the request is not encrypted and the isp blocks it… I’ve seen this with other ISP’s as well. Anyway, I found a solution… Have to pay extra to get the data plan that allows hotspot. Now everything works. But still a weird thing see how ISP blocks have become so aggressive…