Arch linux pulseaudio cutting out randomly? Here's what you do

So I just had an interesting issue where my audio would cut out randomly. No rhyme or reason to it, didn’t matter what browser I was using. It would seem pulseaudio likes to idle on …well … idle, and suspend the audio sources.

Here’s what you can do about it :

pactl list sinks

there will be a whole bunch of output from this command, but what you’re interested in is up at the very top. If this is your issue, it will say SUSPENDED.

To fix it, we edit /etc/pulse/ and look for the line that says :

#load-module module-suspend-on-idle

Uncomment that by removing #, and then save and exit the file.

Last step is to do the following :

killall pulseaudio



Thanks for sharing that @Doron_Beit-Halahmi

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