Are Linux Distributions Safe?! What makes you sure?

Hello I am Sandip. I am a newbee to LInux and also liking linux so far compared to Windows. But my doubt is that are those distribution safe? For this, sometime i do hesitate to try newly coming distribtions because of my fear there could be sensitive data stealing from my pc. what is your view on this? dont hate my comment and i am just concerned about my data and nothing else.

It been awhile since I D/L’ed a distro, but as I remember there is a check sum file you can also get from the web site. I forget the exact procedure, but the check sum file is a way to guarantee the distro file has not been modified. Here is a page from Linux Mint, if you care to read about verifying their distro.

will this method work on any distro ? or particular linux mint?

Sorry @Sandip_Roy, but I just don’t know about all the distro. There is more then 200 distro out there, tho I assume you are talking about the top 10 or so. You will just have to check the web site of the distro you are interested in. I know Ubuntu also has a verification procedure. You can look at it here.

Highly reviewed OSS like popular Linux OS distributions are the safest software on the entire earth. Among the worst and unsafest software are the following:

  • Windows
  • Other Microsoft products
  • macOS
  • Other Apple products
  • Electronic Arts Games
  • Ubisoft Games
  • Activision Games



Hi @Sandip_Roy We don’t hate your comment at it’sFOSS we like open discussion on this massive topic you call safe. I take it that you are referring to Security plus Privacy?
I was going to recommend Qubes OS which some regard as the most secure OS available today or even use my favorite Tails+Tor LIVE in RAM :wink: for online visits - but seem to remember @abhishek had this covered already. Phew. Had to drop out of FOSS to find it -why? :thinking:

Hope this helps a little? (Stay off your phone and buy a Faraday Bag.) Please ask anything FOSS related as there are so many helpful people here :+1:
ps. Don’t want to ramp up any fears further but to gain some knowledge about the scale of the problem you may wish to start here:- :scream: :cold_face: :woozy_face:
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