Are there high-end, more powerful Single Board Computers (SBC)?


I’m a long time Apple user using Mac’s as my main home computer starting with the original Macintosh. Recently I have picked up a raspberry pi. Single-board computer are fun to play with and in doing so I have redecovered linux. Installing different OS’s this unit easy to do. Working with Lunix mate works but I soon found out how underpowered the Pi is.

My question to the community at this time is simply. If I’m going to get a more powerful SBC what should I buy? I’m looking at the a ROCK64 4GB. Has anyone had any concerns with this board?


Hi MN.

You might want to have a look over at where they have an active single board computer / embedded computer discussion. There’s probably something similar on reddit, if you dare to venture over there :smile:

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Maybe an alternative: any old PC and run Lubuntu on it if you want a GUI. You can find nice stuff for free/cheap at your local tech recycler or on craigslist/fb marketplace/letgo/offerup/etc. Heck, install it on an old Mac :slight_smile:

Also, throw in an SSD (any) and a [compatible] Nvida/ATI graphics card (any). This will be way faster than a single board computer.

Yes your right. I am looking at a few refurbished HP’s on Amazon that are very low cost. For now I can get by with whatever is include. 8gb of RAM and a slow HD should work out OK. Replacing the HD with a much faster SSD will be my first upgrade.

If you strictly want SBC, you may look at:

I received their email today.

Thanks for the referral. I had a look at there website and was very impressed. This is a very new SBC with impressive features. The only problem is the lack of a strong user community. Without the support from a large user base it could be a hard to get help when needed. That said I’m sure it won’t take long for this unit to build up its support base.

You might take a look at the ODROID line. I have a couple and they run video decoding very well. Octo core w/ 3 video processors. Not too expensive and you can get help from the user community. They can be found at: