Artado: An open source and highly customizable search engine

Hey there! We’ve been busy with Artado Search for a while now. We started this project in 2020, and this year, we rolled out the “Stable Testing” version! (it’s stable but Artado is constantly developing!)

Artado Search is a unique search engine that respects your privacy. What’s cool about it is that you can use its results (still in testing) or results from other search engines through Artado. You can also customize your homepage with different backgrounds and logos, choose between light and dark themes, and organize your search categories. You can even get themes, extensions, and logos made by other users from our store!

One neat thing about Artado Search is that it’s super customizable. You can create your own themes using CSS, make your own extensions with JavaScript, and share them in our store.

With Artado’s “Profiles” feature, you can save and share your customizations. Just to be clear, there’s no need for an account; Profiles just let you bundle your settings in a single link.

Artado Search stands out because it’s open-source, has its own store for themes and extensions, a user-friendly forum, pulls results from different search engines, and is the most customizable search engine out there. Personalize your search experience and keep your privacy with Artado Search. To join the Artado community, just visit!


To use Artado do we have to bring up your webpage in a browser? Or is it possible to add Artado to the list of search engines?

It’s possible to add it to your browser’s list of search engines. Once you visit Artado Search and make a search, Artado Search will be visible in your browser’s search engine settings like this example:


I tried it with Chrome.
Yes, that works
Thank you.

Not seen this one before, but just given it a try and very impressive speed to find the results for the searches I tried
Plan to try it over next few days to see how it works out