Artefacts in Chrome browser gmail view in openSUSE Tumbleweed

Hi all, I have artefacts in chrome browser in the gmail and calendar view in openSUSE Tumbleweed. I don’t have it in firefox or in other linux distributions. I have tried in openSUSE LEAP, Linux Mint.

There are flickering squares when I move the mouse over the screen.
Any Ideas what the cause may be?

Sounds like graphics driver issues.


Thanks for the info. So, I wait for an update…

There might be some more drivers available, if you look in the OpenSuse repository. I have not used OpenSuse so I can not tell you exactly how to search the repository for drivers,.

Find out what your video card (graphics card) is . If it is Nvidea there definately could be both open source drivers and propietary drivers available. The propietary drivers will perform better.

An update may not fix it. You need to get away frim the drivers it is choosing by default.

This searches packages among a variety of distributions.

Hi all,
many thanks for the Infos. I have it running in A VM with VMware. So the emulated HW is the same as in my other VMs. The other VMs are openSuse Leap, Linux Mint Cinnamon and Linux Mint XFCE (yes, I like trying different distros… :grinning:)
I will compare the differences…

Just a short update…It works fine now. I am not sure what cured the situation though… Last CHrome update or Tumbleweed update.
To be honest, I have not really understood how the graphics stuff works in Suse( Linux)…X11, MESA , graphics drivers, Wayland…etc.
Does any body have a good and easy to understand article?