Audio static in listening music via internet


I listen to WCPE via Internet all the time using their web page. Few weeks ago I started to get poping sounds due to static. I tried other radio stations using rhytmbox, VLC and others and same thing happened. If I listen stored music I have the same problem. I get no static using youtube or other media players when I watch videos. How can I solve this problem?

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Sounds like the download speed from some sites is NOT fast enough. Do you use WIFI?Or Ethernet? What changed recently? What OS are you using? Do you use HDMI? Or hd audio, or analogue audio?

Do you mean locally saved without you needing to actively stream them from the internet?
Because if yes, then

as an assumption should be incorrect.

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I have a similar problem! I use Ubuntu 20.04LTS and Rhythmbox to listen to WCPE. Music stop for a fraction of a second and then continues. I tried to get help from WCPE but could not get a reply yet. I tried to listen their broadcasting using their web site, other players like VLC and SMPlayer but could not solve my problem. I tried other stations like WCRB, WGBH, etc. but experienced the same problem. When announcers are talking I do not hear their talk stop for a fraction of a second. I have no problem playing music I downloaded. My internet connection is with a cable IP and download speed is around 100Mbp. What is going on and how can I listen uninterrupted music.

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@Osman_Kemal_Kadirogl Your internet connection is surely fast enough, but it might be an issue with the route to the stream’s source. Usually, that can be solved by increasing the buffer time.

In VLC (e.g.) go to Media -> Stream -> Network Click advanced options and in buffering increase the value to e.g. 1000ms or more. That might help. At least, I hope so.

PS: I tried WCPE from their website, through the worldwide radio Firefox add-on and through the add-on in the kodi media centre on Kubuntu 20.04LTS but couldn’t reproduce your problem. Playback is always perfect for me.


Addendum: Your name sounds Turkish to me. If you actually happen to live in Turkey, re-routing of internet traffic through the Turkish government’s censorship infrastructure may also lead to delays in the delivery of internet packages. A traceroute to the streaming source might reveal some information.

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