Audio to Text (Dictation) tool recommendation?

Is it possible to have a tutorial for audio to text? It cannot be terminal based as one needs to present other material from other programs and/or desktop. I think that this is a popular need for people who work online and have to do presentations…

Online I found these solutions:



I cannot use more than 2 links…sorry

From my point of view all of them have a high learning curve, It would be nice if help is provided for the installation and the practical use of at least one of them.

Welcome @danbar ,
Thank you for the suggestion.
I am sure someone at itsFOSS will take it up.

There won’t be an easy, click to record solution that works well.

For the application to recognize and interpret the audio correctly, it has to adapt. This is why most of such apps you see are AI based. They need to be ‘trained’ on the user input. And AI computing is expensive. This is why the tools you see are developer focused.

If I come across a ready-to-use by the end user tool, I’ll surely cover it on It’s FOSS.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my query.

I’m all for open source apps/programs but what makes me angry is that something like this works so well in propriety programs (Method 1 Live Captions - YouTube).

In the meantime I found this webpage: 13 Best Free Linux Speech Recognition Tools - LinuxLinks

Thanks again for your wonderful service!

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This one comes pretty highly recommended:

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