Autorandr utility

Found a neat util - works flawlessly on Ubuntu 22.04…


I’ve got two configs - one’s for work - where my rightmost 32" QHD monitor is connected to my work MacBook via HDM. The 2nd one’s for “play” i.e. when ALL my monitors are for my Linux desktop - the main three (including the rightmost) are all QHD 32" curved - and I have a HDMI connected FHD 27" above for watching TV (free to air from my TVHeadend on a Pi3B).

sudo apt install autorandr” (available in default Ubuntu repos)

then I made two configs :


╭─x@titan ~/MPZ/Blacnk/2022-NugatoryII-FLAC  
╰─➤  autorandr
/usr/bin/autorandr:42: DeprecationWarning: The distutils package is deprecated and slated for removal in Python 3.12. Use setuptools or check PEP 632 for potential alternatives
  from distutils.version import LooseVersion as Version
playfuckery (detected) (1st match) (current)
workdrudgery (detected) (2nd match)
play (detected) (3rd match) (current)
work (detected) (4th match)

Not sure about that DeprecationWarning message - looks harmless… Might sort it next week - best not tackled when on my 2nd glass of red (Merlot O’Clock, not “Beer O’Clock” for me)…

It’s now Friday beer o’clock in sunny (winter) Perth West Oz and :

autorandr playfuckery

And my computer re-enables the rightmost monitor! Like f–king MAGIC! It’s almost like plug and play!

and it just keeps getting better… There’s a “condition” (an affliction even?) that affects my Ubuntu 22,04 system - happened before it was 22.04.1 too… I don’t power off - so I just manually power off my monitors - e.g. when going to bed…

Get up in the morning to do some computer stuff - power them on again (the monitors).

The affliction : sometimes my leftmost monitor goes into some HUUUGE chunky lofi mode when I power it on - like 800x600, and my geometry arrangement gets screwed, e.g. left becomes right, up becomes down… And when I try to fix it with the “Screen Display” component of Gnome Settings - it just crashes out (gnome settings)… Previously I’d end up having to reboot (I’m guessing a bit of assiduous playing with randr and xrandr might have fixed it - but - who’s got time for that - a reboot’s quicker)…

Happened to me just now - but I just fired up a terminal (or found one conveniently already running) and :

autorandr playfuckery

and I’m once again cooking with gas!

I remember setting up three monitors in Peppermint OS 10, back in 2018.
They worked fine with arandr, just save your settings and have them boot at login.
I use Display settings in Mint now, as I only have two monitors and Display in Xfce remembers my one and only setup. When recording Spider-Man Remastered through OBS, it knows what configuration I like. Or when doing a video or live streaming, the live streaming has not come around yet, but one day Thomas I will find the time to do so.

I’ve moved completely to Linux now, only two computers with Windows on. My Missus’s which she uses once in a blue moon and a Windows eight laptop tablet, which Intel made solely for Windows Eight to run on. 64bit processor with a 32bit UEFI. I was so gutted when Peppermint or any other Linux could not be installed. Linux gaming with Proton has blown me away of late, with Spider-Man Remastered ported to PC and runs out of the box in Steam Deck and Linux, Proton. The Last Of Us Remastered of a Remaster, Remaster, master from Playstation 3, 4 and finally 5, being ported to PC. The Playstation uses Free BSD as their OS, the closest to Linux programming in any other Operating System. Can’t see Sony porting any of their games to Linux. Thank God for Proton though, as I always check to see if a game runs or not in Steam Deck, then it’ll run in Linux Desktop.

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I think the tally so far is 5000 titles…

I still kinda prefer Linux native… The game I spend the most time playing these days is Cities Skylines (native on Linux)…

Note: I’m still unable to do any display trickery in my games however - e.g. I can’t span a full screen game across multiple monitors… and kinda disappointed… 10 years ago I was able to successfully span Serious Sam 3 (native using OpenGL) in full screen (even though they weren’t the same resolution or brand / model)… Disappointing 'cause back then I was running I think 1680x1050 on my middle monitor, and 1280x1024 on the leftmost and rightmost… Now I’ve got three 32" QHD “gaming” monitors, but less features… Oh well… probably serves me right for spending big bucks ($500) to get an AMD GPU - when xinerama in the proprietary drivers of the NVidia control panel might let me do this (my old GTX1650 can’t drive so many monitors - only had 1 x DVI, 1 x HDMI and 1 x DP)…

Also - STILL NO EFFING raytracing on my GPU in Linux (it’s RTX capable on Windows). No Radeon proprietary drivers for Ubuntu 22.04 either (20.04 only - and - if you use 'em you have lock your kernel from being updated or it breaks) - shoulda stuck with NVidia I reckon… Buy in haste, repent at leisure…

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Could of got a NVIDIA 3060 with 12GB of ram on board, now I believe at 800 bucks?
I’m using this card for gaming and Ray Tracing isn’t all that at the moment in Linux, though they are working on a fix. Would love to see more and more games running native too, which was the whole idea behind Proton to say to developers put some Vulkan in your games and we’ll be able to play your games in Linux. A Linux Port would be far better. Though someone came up with OpenGOAL to run Jak And Daxter games from Playstation 2 to be able to be played on PC and they have a script for Linux too. All you need is to have the ISO of the original game. The people at OpenGOAL went through all the code of Naughty Dog’s to make it into readable lines of code. More on their website.

Or… the vast amount of Unity using developers should start to click the button for automatically having a Linux build, without any effort, whatsoever.

Many players don’t even realise, that for all recent Unity games there could literally be a native Linux version without any effort. The problem is, that the publishers or developers do not want to support Linux.