Backup using timeshift

I have some errors in ubuntu and I wanted to completely format my ubuntu and do a fresh install again. Will backing using timeshift saves all my apps and files?. So that when I do a fresh install I can store everything at one shot. Is this possible ?

Unless you modify Timeshift to backup your files it will not do that.
I use Timeshift for system backup but I tend to lean toward FreeFileSync for backing up my files on an external USB HDD.

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If you are using Timeshift to backup to a separate disk AND you include important files and directories (like /etc and locations where configuration files are stored for your applications), then yes it will do what you ask. If you are using Timeshift “out of the box”, then I would not expect it to work as a complete restore, of course, no backup software could do this if you don’t know what needs to be backed up.