Bad magic number

I entered the following: openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -d -pbkdf2 -in inputfile -out outputfile, and received ‘bad magic number’. So, I tried google and came across the advice to add -md md5 which gave me the output but in encrypted form. BTW, when I entered -md md5 I removed -d…using this always seems to give the ‘bad magic number’ result!!!
Any ideas??

Add the flag base64 to the command line (if after or before enc, I don’t remember, but I do remember that it, doing the trick - if I understood your problem correctly).

Many thanks for your kind help Mina. I did try what you advised, but now I’m getting ‘error reading input file’.!

Sorry for my shot into the blue based on some scattered memories.

It’s been years since I used openssl in that fashion. I shall check the manual again, but this will have to wait until tomorrow, as we’re already in the small hours. Maybe another person has a fresher memory or better knowledge.

Yer a gem Mina…and your right, it will have to wait until tomorrow :sleeping: