Bargain basement IP KVM with a Pi

Not a question - but - was watching a few intertube vids of a project to make an RPi4 (or Zero) into an IP based KVM : I think it was a link provided by the admin / owner of Gaming on Linux : - one of my top 5 Linux websites (I don’t rank them, but It’s FOSS is also in my top 5!).

Here :

How cool is that? And if you want your KVM to do more computers (than one) - you can grab a HDMI/USB KVM and use your Pi “IP KVM” to remotely keyboard / monitor your computers… I’ve got one server that’s VGA only - but there are ways and means (apparently it works okay with a HDMI -> VGA adaptor - but I’m not convinced - I’ve had mixed success with suchlike).

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This kickstarter launched today - I’m tempted - I’ll “uhm and ahh” over this for a few days, but probably kick in for a single unit reward…

I’ll need some sorta “software switching” KVM too, and some sorta VGA <-> HDMI converter (the main remote KVM I need is for my FreeNAS NAS on VGA - I guess I could always plonk a HDMI PCIe card in it).

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I looked at the campaign. The more I read, the more I like it. It would actually solve a lot of problems I still have with my Raspberry Pi setup, after all these years.

I just wish it’d be cheaper. 130 bucks for a single unit, which means you can only do the magic to a single Raspberry Pi. I understand the price, but it’s truly A LOT. I’m very tempted, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to pay 130 bucks to have a great KVM on a single 60 to 90 bucks device.
If they would demand 60 bucks for one, I would probably buy 2 and spend about 120 bucks. But these 130 bucks for a single unit… Not sure!

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The more I think about it - the more I agree with you…

You could probably buy an “enterprise” grade IP KVM from a data centre salvage 2nd hand for close to that price…

The most I’ve ever paid for a hat is about $80… for a PiJuice… and - I’m not even using it… it’s a REAL PITA to get it working on ANYTHING besides armhf Raspbian Buster… such a PITA, I’ve given up…

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