Beside your desktop - 7 things that run Linux

I already knew a couple of these, but did find the article interesting.


They run some interesting positive articles on linux stuff, i get the same newsletter each day. And enjoy the cartoon at the end.


The very first (Cray 1) supercomputer ran UNICOS… a Cray version of Unix.
They used Unix for the same reason people use Linux today… it is customizable.

This is not correct. See below

AFAIK - the first Cray (Cray 1 and Cray X-MP) ran COS (not a UNIX) - not UNICOS… I think UNICOS (as well as COS) were for the Cray 2… Sorry…
UNICOS eventually started using the Linux kernel sometime in the early 00’s…

You are probably right. Dont know where I got that idea from . Thanks

I found it
" The Cray Operating System (COS) is a Cray Research operating system for its now-discontinued Cray-1 (1976) and Cray X-MP supercomputers. It succeeded the Chippewa Operating System (shipped with earlier Control Data Corporation CDC 6000 series and 7600 computer systems), and was the Cray main OS until replaced by UNICOS in the late 1980s"

You are right.

I worked on a CDC 7600. It ran SCOPE OS.

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I had a job interview a couple weeks back for CSIRO - storage and system admin… didn’t get the job - but - it was only when I got to the interview (early) and read the job description on my phone in the car - it was paying considerably less than what I’m on now in the private sector - so if I was successful, I probably would have turned it down (and no, not just “sour grapes” :smiley: ). Knowing I would turn it down, made the actual interview a lot less painful :smiley: (why do we torture one another like this?).

It would be cool working at a super computer facility! Pawsey Super Computer Facility, CSIRO in the suburb of Bentley (south of the river) - quite near Curtin University campuses… The “Super Computer” is a couple of Cray systems… the only other Cray I know of in Australia, is at the Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne (I’m sure there are more).

Closet I ever got to work with a “super computer” was a commissioning massive Silicon Graphics Oxygen 3000 running IRIX (SGI’s UNIX - as seen in Jurassic Park) in 2000 - one of the engineers (automotive engine “engineer” at Orbital Engine Company) called it a “super computer”. SGI actually owned Cray for a period, but then sold it - it’s now part of HP, which is where good things go to become extinct - I really kinda hate HP (Oh - you want to use that iLOM console port on that server you paid ten+ figures for? You’ll have to license that feature!).

anyone remember some Microsoft Server edition that was marketed at Super Computing :smiley: - what a joke! Even Microsoft run Linux behind closed doors for stuff like that…

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