Best Cloud Services for Privacy Conscious People

So, aside from creating your own cloud instance/server, what cloud options do we have that are good from both a UI perspective and those that respect privacy?

In the past, I have used Boxcrypt which encrypts local versions and them uploads the encrypted storage to the cloud. It is not perfect and has minor issues, particularly with very large files. But it does the job well.

I do not like relying on the CSP for their honesty and their willingness to abide by laws. Besides the big names out there, do we have any reasonable choices?

Pretty much any provider, that enables local encryption, i.e. zero trust encryption.

And even if you use one of the monsters, like e.g. Google, Microsoft, etc. then you still have the option to locally encrypt it yourself.

Have a look at pCloud
Especially if you select a server in Europe

Hello there,

I’d recommend to try which can provide private workspace solution where you can manage your emails, attachment, large files and so on.

Thank you.