Best custom software developers

I am interested in developing my business and I decided that it’s time to create a site/app for my small store. Does anyone have such experience? What is better website or application?

Since no one replied - I searched the answer in few different places, aksed people familiar with the issue and they adviced me to contact software development professionals Top Custom Software Developers in Los Angeles, California Rating 2022 - iTRate - if someone met the same problem as I did, you are welcome as it helped me to determine the direction of extension.

One sentence and 2 questions about such a broad topic aren’t even remotely close enough for receiving any resonance. Wanted to just point that out. :+1:

A piece of advice I can give you: don’t look up important information like this on shitty websites like the linked one. Obviously, the people you asked have little to no experience with the topic.

If you are truly searching for a single good developer, who suits your needs the best, for your (small?) business, then one way to find a good one would be to browse Github for products related to the one you are looking for and see if a maintainer is open to offering a service fitting your situation.
You could also find a couple of websites or apps you find pretty well made and then research whoever made that website. Then, you will probably find good material for the job.

However, just looking at some stupid list saying pretty much nothing at all, wouldn’t help you at all, besides pretty much investing your money into the trash bin.

As if that wouldn’t already be bad enough, it is often the case that such listings are often sponsored. So, whatever dickbag pays the biggest ransom, gets the highest spot in the ranking. It’s the sad truth with almost all services, which you can find online. Whether it’s booking a flight, hotel, finding a new home or looking for a developer.

The site you linked is so bad and not trustworthy at all, I actually had to visit your profile to check if you are not a spammer/scammer. It would be nice if you removed that link from your post. It’s garbage spam.

Don’t trust the people who gave you advice to look at that website. Don’t even trust the place they are coming from. Obviously, something isn’t right there…



If you scroll down that link to the very end, you literally see how the text content is auto-generated. It’s not even written by anyone, except maybe bits and pieces of the text content.

This is another sign, that webpage is garbage spam. It’s just there to farm clicks for easier ad revenue for the website owner.

web page creators are NOT “custom software developers”…

Yes, that reminds me of thinking about Wordpress when I discovered this thread, initially.

However, creating an actual (Android?) app would be a developer;s job.

Though, I was put off by the term custom. I mean, any software from a real developer is more or less custom, isn’t it?

Sorry guys! I didn’t want to offend someone or so. I apologize my question may seem stupid. I just wanted to get advice here as after reading some topics and answers to it - I saw that it is possible to get a solution to my situation.
I have a small business which produces craft gifts for any holiday. I want to find someone who can create a website or applacation for my needs. The first thing I need is for the client to have the opportunity to independently choose a ready-made gift box or create his own from the offered goods. Next, I want to have a checkout function with pickup / delivery options, payment method, etc.
Just a little explanation about want I am looking for

Thanks, I will do as you suggest

That was people from one discussion board who shared experience of working with those companies

No, it’s not that. I was just trying to save you from whoever recommended that webpage to you. You didn’t do anything “wrong”. :wink:

Now, that’s a much better description.

Not sure how small your business is, but if cost is a big problem, you can create your own small store using Wordpress. As far as I know, there are plugins that enable features like the one your request. Haven’t tried it myself, but it is what I had seen.

If cost is not a big problem and you want a custom solution, you have to be careful not to offer anything to a scammer.

The webpage they shared is still spam.