Best GIF exporter for linux

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There’re some editing softwares available for windows that help to solve below problem but I have trouble to find a graphic/video editing tool for linux that provide source quality .gif output. Most linux software similar kdenlive, shotcut etc auto detect source file resolution and other essential basics but when export to a file, none of them provide source quality gif file. Usually i can see tiny shaking dots or bit color differences.

In this case, i use .gif file as source (but this must be applicable to .mp4 file formats etc and get source quality output as .gif). Once again i expect to get very smooth and high quality gif.

Shotcut video editor developer said,

Good GIF export requires pre-processing to generate a palette that is rather old and unique in a video format and not available in Shotcut. Most GIF-like things on the web now are actually MP4 or WebM videos, and GIF is very low priority for us.

We do not take feature requests. You can search the web for how to use ffmpeg. For example, GIPHY Engineering | » How to make GIFs with FFMPEG » How to make GIFs with FFMPEG
Our Shotcut builds include ffmpeg.

Above “giphy engineering” link page contain gifs also has mentioned problem as well.

I only found GIMP as solution to that source-quality-output file problem but it isn’t optimized yet for edit gif animation then quite difficult to use
gitlab.gnome[dot]org/GNOME/gimp/-/issues/6133 (one difficulty to use it)

Then is there any tool available on this linux world to solve this problem?

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Actually, you already gave the answer yourself by mentioning ffmpeg. This handy Linux tool produces truly high class gifs. It is also the tool used by most websites which offer conversions from video clips into gifs.

In this discussion, you’ll learn everything you need to know:

What I do, is to prepare the video clip in kdenlive, export it as video and then convert with ffmpeg into my gif.

You can find an example of such a gif here:

However, note that the frame rate and the resolution is not as high as you could get - due to the maximum file size for images in this forum.

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I think this answer written by one of the responsible people at Shotcut displays a pretty reasonable explanation and an answer to your question, as well.

  1. The feature you are looking for requires old stuff, that nobody should use anymore, because it is much more efficient and better to use mp4, instead. Even huge memé platforms like 9gag switched to mp4, entirely.
  2. Look for old & outdated video editing software. They perhaps still have such deprecated implementations. Perhaps you could find an older version of one of the pieces of software you have already mentioned, that perhaps had such deprecated implementations a long time ago.

However, if that still does not solve the problem in your eyes, I would recommend you to write your own editor.
Perhaps name it Outdated GIF Editor? :wink:


Hi, Thanks @Mina for provide details and @Akito

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If you don’t feel comfortable using the Terminal in order to operate with ffmpeg, and you’re a Telegram user, then you can to create a smooth GIF from your video and send you to yourself to preserve the privacy or made some tests before you get the right result. I’m a user of Shotcut and the GIF export option is missing since several months ago. This is the easy way I did when I need to create a GIF. The trick is to mute the video in order to get a GIF file (you can also apply effects, trim the video or something like that, but I’m pretty sure this is not your goal).
Hope that helps!