Best Linux for an Acer V5 with AMD A4

I bought this computer used for too much. It appeared to work but when I got it Home it was obvious it couldn’t run the Win 10 someone had installed on it. They upgraded the memory to 6 gigs. I wanted to do image editing and some editing of YouTube videos. I installed Ubuntu Studio, but that doesn’t run that well either. So what would be the best distribution to put on this? I think I have to give up on any movie editing. I’m trying Manjaro as a live USB because I saw a write up on it. I’m running the lighter weight XFCE. Any suggestions would be welcome. I guess I at least want to run Gimp on it.

  1. I would recommend at least 12GB for YouTube video editing.
  2. Use an extremely lightweight OS, install ONLY the video editing software. This is the best you can do, in your case.
    Choose native PC BIOS or Native PC UEFI, depending on your machine. Then, as pointed out in #2, install ONLY the video editing software and LXQt desktop environment. That is what I would do, if I were you.

I think this machines capacity is 6 gig that it has already. I have an old Xp machine with a lot less memory and does the job in windows movie maker. That does 1080p that matches what I have for equipment. I will check out your solution thoroughly.

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