Bill, steve, and gary… computer pioneers

Just found this interesting bit of computer history. For those of us who remembers s time before dos and the start of perhaps small computer.

CPM gem and even ccpm …

Wonder if we would have got Linux in its present form if this had been the direction IBM took instead of Microsoft

Makes you wonder.

Teaching in my first college (post 16 student) and having ICL network of 3 terminals and 10 student trying hard to learn supercalc.
What joy.


I remember CP/M. We had a machine with multiple 8088 processors sharing a single 30Mb disk. Each processor ran CP/M. and ran a terminal. No graphics, jusr CLI. That type,of architecture seems to have disappeared.

We also had an Osborne portable which ran CP/M from 5 in
floppy disks. It had supercalc… my first encounter with a spreadsheet.

At around the same time we had BSD Unix on what was basically a PDP minicomputer with a 68010 processor.
Unix was way ahead of CP/M or DOS… it had multiuser and networking and virtual memory.

What CP/M did have was open source. BSD then had open source but you had to pay for a source licence. DOS never had open source. I always believed IBM went to DOS because of that… I dont believe the story.


I don’t even remember what I did with my Osborne. Donated it, probably.

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