Bizarre Anomaly - SMB vs NFS / ZFS

OK - I was playing Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtrack to David Lynch’s amazing “Lost Highway” this morning, as Badalamenti has passed on today (Italian musician / composer / soundtrack composer @ 85 [not a “bad innings” but sad never-the-less]) - GREAT soundtrack - it has Rammstein!

And I was browsing the Soundtracks music folder on my NAS :


via SMB on one of my MacBooks…

I noticed a folder in there called “1YGBWZ~1” - firstly “~” in a filename is kinda ugly and probably screws stuff up - and I thought WTF is that anyway?

Every other folder is like :


So when I look in that folder “1YGBWZ~1” there’s a few hints there, e.g. an mp3 called “09 - I C.H.U.D. NY.mp3” - so : “Ah ha! That must be the CHUD soundtrack, from 1984!”

So I look in that folder in SMB from MacOS and there’s NO FOLDER (both from file manager “finder” and iTerm2 terminal window) : 1984-CHUD or even 1984-C.H.U.D.

Then I log into my NAS (FreeNAS) shell, sudo to root (sudo -i) and look at it via the mounted ZFS files system - and - I don’t see ANY “1YGBWZ~1” - but I do see :

root@baphomet[/mnt/BARGEARSE/MPZ/Soundtracks]# pwd
root@baphomet[/mnt/BARGEARSE/MPZ/Soundtracks]# ls -al 1984-C.H.U.D.
total 72390
drwxrwxr-x+  3 x  family       34 Dec 13 10:37 .
drwxrwxr-x+ 74 x  family       75 Dec 13 10:36 ..
-rwxrwxr-x+  1 x  family     6148 Dec 13 10:37 .DS_Store
-rwxrwxr-x+  1 x  family  1096907 Jun 20 14:47 01 - Prologue.mp3
... snip snip ... 
-rwxrwxr-x+  1 x  family  3552362 Jun 20 14:47 30 - Bosch's Theme.mp3
-rwxrwxr-x+  1 x  family    95312 Jun 20 14:47 31 - Street Meat.mp3

So - it’s something SMB is doing to the file / folder… what a piece of crap SMB is… it’s just a shame that NFS wasn’t as “Rock Solid” reliable on MacOS as it is on Linux… Hmmm - wrong wording, it’s “rock solid” on MacOS - but - just nowhere near as “out of the box” easy as it is on Linux…

And it’s pretty much identical (correct) when I look at the same directory tree from NFS on MacOS or Linux! So it’s the UGLINESS of Samba!

I think I might follow up something like (web search) :

macos finder nfs server

Because I’d rather not use SMB, period… diabolical piece of crap shoehornd and designed to run on TCP/IP stack from netbeui / netbios crud…

Just tested this on Windows (to make sure it wasn’t that GHASTLY file that MacOS insists on plonking in the root of EVERY folder “.DS_Store” :

But - before I hate too much on Samba - the main Samba guy Andrew “Tridge” Tridgell (an Aussie), is perhaps the root cause of GIT - i.e. he tried to reverse engineer the bitkeeper protocol to use it for Samba source - when the developer of Bitkeeper found out - they KILLED Linus Torvald’s access to Bitkeeper! Thus Linus was forced to develop his own Source Code management tool!