Bizarre - perplexing - camelface file icon

Ubuntu 18.10 (gnome 3.x)

OK, slow day at work and I was looking through my collection of shell scripts in Nautilus (I mostly use the shell and CLI) : and I see this one file that has a different icon and for the life of my I have NO IDEA why!

Camel face, not camel toe :smiley:

The two files to either side of it - are also *.bash shell scripts - but have different icons… All have attributes “-rwxr-xr-x” (i.e. 0755) and all start with the “hash bang” :
#!/usr/bin/env bash

All three scripts respond the same way to the “file” command :

╰─➤  file mon-xfer.bash 
mon-xfer.bash: Bourne-Again shell script, ASCII text executable

╰─➤  file movavid.bash 
movavid.bash: Bourne-Again shell script, ASCII text executable

Why? Why? It’s not a biggy - but it’s perplexing!!!

Also - I probably won’t pastebin the contents of any of these scripts - 'cause I do a lot of swearing and pottymouth words in my shell scripts - like the “F” bomb, and even the “C” bomb :smiley:

FYI : that mcfuck2mp3.bash script converts crappy apple m4a music files to “proper” mp3 files :smiley: (and removes the m4a file) - this is only when I’m forced to buy music from the iSore [sic: deliberate] that’s not available anywhere else…

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April fool’s joke?

That’s a reason for pasting it.

I have never seen music only available on the Apple Store. If the artist I listen to would put their music only on there, I simply wouldn’t buy it, because I would’ve lost my interest in them.

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It was an Australian band called Tropical Fuck Storm (fronted by The Drones’ frontman Gareth Liddiard and bassist Fiona Kitschen [his missus]) - and their EP/Album only came out on iTunes - and I couldn’t wait for it to come out on Google Play Music - and wasn’t available to buy in a brick and mortar music outlet at the time :smiley:

Also - I do have an iPad (I’ve got two actually) - and I had an iTunes card one of my kids got me few months earlier for Xmas…

Here’s one song off that album (Album : A Laughing Death in Meatspace) - “The Future of History” - and it actually mentions a UNIX “version” - AIX (RS/6000 VLSI running AIX) :

(about Gary Kasparov VS IBM Big Blue)
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Oh damn, sounds amazing. Definitely going to listen to more made my by them.

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just a quick couple of reverse image searches on mobile yielded only one similar camel out of a russian media group called alisa:

Ofcourse camel toe is a bit best :heart_eyes:
but speaking serious, seems virus attack, despite
Linux have fews virus.It could to be a logomark of
some software, search in google using this image
to see the return.

when I searched for the image, I got some sites in Spanish with sample svg’s…

I might have a hunt through my icon folders…

Looking at that file on Ubuntu 18.04 (at home) in Nautilus - it’s no different (icon-wise) than its adjacent peers…

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Went through “mime-types” icon folders and found this :

No idea why Cosmic Cuttlefish thinks it’s a perl script - it’s not - it’s bash… *.bash extension, and bash set in the hash bang! :

#!/usr/bin/env bash

╰─➤ mimetype mon-xfer.bash
mon-xfer.bash: application/x-perl

Oh well : I understand now why it’s a “camel” :

but still no idea why Cosmic Cuttlefish thinks its a perl script (I NEVER write scripts from scratch in perl - I can modify / change kinda understand a perl shell script - but would never choose it to start something from scratch)

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Does it run with that line? There might be some issues with that when running scripts with that line on Debian based systems. E.G. I couldn’t execute a certain script at all with that first liner.

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I always use that line these days… for maybe 5 years??? Don’t remember when I switched from simple :



#!/usr/bin/env bash

I think I got some shell scripts from an Amazon AWS Solutions Architect that were like that - and I just started using that format…


Never found a Debian instance (from Wheezy to Stretch) that didn’t have a /usr/bin/env binary…

Never found a RHEL/CentOS/OEL/Fedora instance like that either… and certainly not a Ubuntu instance - and - the same on FreeBSD :smiley: - it’s “there”…

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This is one of the many explanations on what could go wrong with using arguments (i.e. whitespace) on the shebang.

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Interesting read… now I remember why I started doing this - not all operating systems have “bash” (or ksh/csh/sh) in /usr/bin - some (Solaris? I’ll have to fire up my Sunblade 2500 again! Older FreeBSD?) house them in /bin/ - however - on all the systems I looked at /usr/bin/env was “true” - so I started doing this…

Just confirmed - on FreeBSD (my FreeNAS “NAS”) :

x@baphomet  ~  which bash
x@baphomet  ~  which env

So there ya go :smiley:

And - to confuse things even further? TrueOS based GhostBSD :

╭─x@puca ~  
╰─➤  which bash
╭─x@puca ~  
╰─➤  which env
╭─x@puca ~  
╰─➤  which tcsh
╭─x@puca ~  
╰─➤  which zsh
╭─x@puca ~  
╰─➤  which csh
╭─x@puca ~  
╰─➤  which sh

Note “tcsh” is usually the default shell on FreeBSD