Blended Linux Logo Wallpapers

Hello I did not know where on the Forum to post this, so hopefully here is okay?
I made some Linux Logo wallpapers of different OSES from Debian to Manjaro. I made them in Gimp and thought I would share them here. They are all at 1440p but able to display on a 1080p monitor, just take the zoom off. There will be more going up soon enjoy. Link below shortened by Tiny-URL


cheers - I like 'em - specially as I run EVERYTHING I can in dark mode… perfect!

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Thank you Daniel. I’ve just uploaded some more to same link.

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That’s nice. Minimalist and dark. I like them. Good job :clap:


Thank you Abhishek, will be more going up as soon as I can make them.

Tasteful and unobtrusive. I have a preference for Variety, changing wallpaper every 10 minutes. I run a mix of the APOD and my photo library of cruising Alaska and road trips in the Rockies.


WOOOW, Nice Wallpapers

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Thank you KITT, if you have any Linux Logo suggestions please get in contact? As I would like to make more. I tried to think of what people are mainly using, but I know there are others as well, which I cannot remember the name of.

Have uploaded some more enjoy.

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Hmmm, how about puppy linux?

Puppy has just gone up and surprised I am that it worked.

Also surprised that I cleaned forgot about Linux-Lite, that was difficult too, getting the stem to go properly in the feather logo.

Can You Make DE and WM logos?

P.S: WM is window manager like openbox or awesome WM

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Cave Linux Logos I have just made today link below