Blinking cursor while installing windows 10

I tried to install windows 10, but ended up seeing a black screen with a blinking cursor, i have an operating system which is ubuntu. | I have a bootable usb device which has a Windows 10 on it, i tried booting up my usb in BIOS then after that i ended up seeing a black screen with a blinking cursor. I do not know what to do, i ended up using Ubuntu but still i need Windows 10 so i can install an EXE file

Did you get into Ubuntu after this happened?

Did you boot the USB device in UEFI mode?

Did you attach the USB device to a USB2 port?

As you see, there are still many open questions. To help you better it would be nice if you could provide much information on what happened and what exactly you are trying to do.


I did get Ubuntu after this happened.

I tried to boot my USB device in UEFI mode.

I didn’t tried yet to attach my USB device to a USB2 port.

I can’t install Windows 10 on my laptop cause of that blinking cursor.

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has the usb ever worked correctly (as in you were able to boot with it) since you installed windows 10 on it?

this sounds like it might be worth trying since you haven’t yet:

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My USB device is brand new, and i tried to attach my USB to USB2 port and still there is a blinking cursor with a black screen.

did the usb come with windows 10 on it?

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No, i just bought the USB without windows 10

after you added windows 10 to it (it might help to know how you did so), were you ever able to boot into windows 10? if not, you should probably try creating the usb again.


From what I read, W10 will only run on a flash if their is another Windows OS installed.
W10 would still require a license, to even run on a flash drive. The OS that is installed
would more than likely have to be either W7, W8 or W8.1.

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i have two win10 vm’s that don’t need a license to run as well as usb created within one of those vm’s that ran just fine when i created it.

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All I am going to say is any W10 must have a license to be legal, either digital or purchased.

The Problem is that i can’t boot the installation media cause of that blinking cursor. When i tried to boot my USB (With Windows 10 on it) it will just display a Whole black screen with a blinking cursor on it.

I searched in google and here’s what i got.

“The black screen and blinking cursor could indicate that your machine is attempting to boot from a source other than the hard drive. Make sure no discs are in the optical drive and remove any attached USB drives. Reboot and watch for signs of continued booting error.”

has the usb ever worked for booting into windows 10? if it hasn’t, how did you install windows 10 on it?


I’m kind of confused by the information you give, because you keep giving the already discarded information, while another important question has already been asked.

No need to waste further time on watching a cursor blink, if you actually check first if the medium you created in the first place, is at all usable…


@UnknownGamez124, here is a link for a step by step procedure for placing W10 on an USB drive.
1 – Review the steps to see if you created your usb drive correctly.
2 – Follow the procedure for your second attempt at creating a W10 flash drive.


Actually, that is not completely correct. You can download W10 from Microsoftv for free, install it, and use it without activating a W10 license, strange as it may seem. It violates Microsoft “policy” but is not illegal as explained in this article. I prefer W7 to W10, and I have a license from many years ago.

Has anybody mentioned to the OP that he can install W10 in VirtualBox?,installation%20USB%20drive%20or%20CD.

@BBPat … Never said it was not free to download and install and even run, for awhile, but activation
for W10 will require another Windows OS from W7 to W8.1 or a purchased product key. Any W10
being ran that is not properly activated, is pirated, pure and simple. I really have no desire fall down
into that rabbit hole, so good luck with running W10.

I think we can close this off-topic and unnecessary discussion now. Nobody, not even Microsoft themselves, care if you have bought a license. This is a simple researchable fact, that is confirmed all over the place. So no need to spread truthless horror stories, about licenses, when it does not matter, at all.

@Akito…The topic was closed as soon as it was started, as for as I am concerned.

With this statement, and your position with Foss, this will only encourage the use
of pirated software, then my relations with Foss, is in need of reviewing.