Blog/Tutorial Suggestion: List and How to install Git Desktop Clients

Hello Friends

Could you consider create a blog/tutorial to show all the GUI Desktop client for Linux and how to install them? It mostly for Ubuntu and Fedora. I did do a research some months ago, but is interesting the results …

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Good topic suggestion @Manuel_Jordan

Will have to research the topic because even though I use Git, it is in command line or through VS Code.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Yes, I use cmd line too … but when I need see the branch(es) of the history commits - the git command can be very long …

About VSCode, pls let me know if you are using a special extension/plugin.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Manuel_Jordan,
I don’t know if this list of GIT clients will help you with what you need:
GitKraken | Top 10 Git GUI Clients for Linux

The last time I programmed and needed to use git, I used GitAhead and I also used GitKraken.
I went looking for it on GitHub, but GitAhead is no longer under active development. However, according to Murmele, the developer of Gittyup: “Gittyup is a continuation of the GitAhead client”.
You might want to try Gittyup, GitKraken or another from the list I sent above, if you don’t want to use extensions for Git in VS Code or VSCodium



Hello @Tech_JA

Huge thanks for the valuable link, it seems it has other options than the list at Git through the GUI Clients - Linux page.

And thanks again for the extra feedback about your experience. I had used GitKraken at macOS but is free until some time and the OS is very old …

BTW … the idea of this “post” was encourage to make available a post through this community with a Blog Post

Thanks again!

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Hi @Manuel_Jordan,
This post is just to inform you that, in case you’re interested in Gittyup, a new development release came out last week:


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Huge thanks for the consideration in share that information. A cold beer to you! :slight_smile: :beer: