Bluetooth and Mint 19.0


Having great problems connecting Bluetooth speaker. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I seem to remember there was a tutorial on It’s Foss about setting up Bluetooth - the only thing I know about it was from the mint forum and that might be out of date - if you go to easylinux tips - there might be help there


Does Mint at least search for Bluetooth devices?


Yes it does very easily and then you have to set them up. It is quite easy to do as it is next to the update manager and before the wireless connection. I have used it once or twice without problems @abhishek


Yes. It can find my Samsung TV, and many other Bluetooth devises from adjoining apartments, but it cannot find my Bose mini sound 2 bluetooth speaker.

Ken Piercey


In that case, may I suggest running both Mint and your speaker in scan mode. Most speakers also have a way to scan for bluetooth devices. Try that.

I had this issue with my Philips and Marshall speakers. I had to put them in scan mode.


Very many thanks indeed. All working fine.

Ken Piercey


if you have a moment to mark the thread as solved and can write a brief description of what the solution was for you, that may help anyone else who runs into a similar situation in the future :slight_smile: thanks


The thread has been solved, with much thanks. Scan both Bluetooth speaker and Mint together