Bluetooth NOT working, after Upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 16.04

I am using Dell Latitude 3460 Laptop, before I have used Ubuntu 16.04 then I have upgraded it to 18.04. Then the bluetooth has stopped working. I am not able to connect it to any device using bluetooth. It doesn’t discovering the bluetooth devices.I want to connect it to bluetooth speakers.

I have tried some other sites using google nothing worked.
If anyone can solve this please respond.

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Jump into command line. Use the command:


And then, turn the scan on:

scan on

see if it recognizes your bluetooth speaker or any bluetooth device. If yes, use command pair with mac address of the bluetooth device.

I’m having the same issue - I know the bluetooth adapter is in there because I installed it :slight_smile: At the time I was running Mint 18.3 and it worked great! I was able to connect with my wireless headphones no problem.

But I have been experimenting with different distros and was never able to get it working again with new installs - I’ve been through Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mint 19. The bluetooth manager freezes. I tried bluetoothctl just now but the cursor has been blinking on the prompt “waiting to connect to bluetoothd…” for about 10 minutes, no result.

I have also tried uninstalling the native Blueberry package and using Blueman, but that gave me the same result. Is there a next step for resolving this connection error with the bluetooth adapter?

I’m on a Dell Latitude E5530 currently dual booting Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint 19. Thanks!!

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The module already was loaded ?
Already searched in system configuration ?
Already strong googled in problem correction ?
Make this asks for own … :sunglasses:

Hi 76ron - I have done a fair amount of DuckDuckGoing researching this problem and this forum was the first time anyone seemed to be having the same issues. I’m a relatively new Linux user, so if you have any more detailed pointers I’m happy to learn! Do you have suggestions for where best to learn about loading modules or searching the system configuration?

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Same here since two days, out of the blue after an “apt update” and “apt upgrade” in a terminal the desktop has no more WiFi and Bluetooth under 18.04 LTS.

Hello abishek :slight_smile: Cause I d have the same problem I tried your advice without an outcome:

desktop:~$ bluetoothctl
Agent registered
[bluetooth]# scan on
Discovery started
[CHG] Controller 00:09:DD:50:4E:A8 Discovering: yes
[NEW] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 CHARGE MINI
[bluetooth]# pair 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9
Attempting to pair with 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 Connected: yes
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 UUIDs: 0000110b-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 UUIDs: 0000110c-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 UUIDs: 0000110e-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 UUIDs: 0000111e-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 ServicesResolved: yes
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 Paired: yes
Pairing successful
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 Trusted: yes
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 ServicesResolved: no
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 Connected: no
[bluetooth]# connect 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9
Attempting to connect to 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9
Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed
[bluetooth]# connect 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9
Attempting to connect to 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9
Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

No connection with the bluetooth speaker, I have no idea why it does not work anymore, is there a file in /usr/bin/bluetooth to edit?

ls /usr/bin/blu*

Or is it a solution to delete all files in /usr/bin/ regarding bluetooth and start from scratch?

Unusual but could surely happen.

What is the output of this command (it checks if your wifi and bluetooth is being blocked):

sudo rfkill

On Linux Mint BT was fine out of the box on my laptop. As I moved to Debian, I had to install some packages.
apt install bluetooth rfkill blueman bluez bluez-tools pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

After that my bluetooth works as it did before, I can connect to the JBL flip3. I’m not sure if this helps anything here, but who knows?

After another update of the system, now the WiFi works again, but bluetootctl still do have a problem:

desktop:~$ bluetoothctl
Agent registered
[bluetooth]# scan on
Discovery started
[CHG] Controller 00:09:DD:50:4E:A8 Discovering: yes
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 RSSI: -31
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 Connected: yes
[CHG] Device 41:42:0F:7A:C1:A9 Connected: no

It connects the device and drops it again?

did you try running this?

Oh yes, it could happen and it disappears without a reminder.

Have de-installed the WiFi adapter and the Bluetooth completely and afterwards build it up from scratch, this action has cost me some time, but now it works fine again.

Thank you :slight_smile:


As long as it’s fixed :slight_smile: :beers:


A bit of editing the programms, but what a luck it is all good desined, I do like the logic of nano :slight_smile:

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if you could share what steps you took to get it fixed, that might help others with similar issues.

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth
killall pulseaudio

Now connect again.


I had this problem for about 7months, this solved my issue, thanks !

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Not much help here - just saying, Bluetooth in Linux is giant pezzo di merda!

It’s my main bugbear! Just when you think stuff’s working, it stops working! And then you try and try, and do this, edit that, and it suddenly works, and it seems like black magic, and just when you’re used to it working, some bad juju pulls the rug out from under you!

I’ve got THREE Targus USB BT 4.0 dongles - same symptoms on all of them, on Ubuntu 20.04 (upgraded from 18.04) - trying to get my new BT Microsoft Surface Designer mouse working… it pairs… it works, for maybe 30 minutes, sometimes as long as two hours… but then stops… unplug the dongle… wait “X” minutes and try again - and no luck… so I give up and go back to wired mouse… and I’ll maybe try again the following day, and it will pair and work, for a bit, rinse, repeat.

I’m seriously considering buying one of those PCIe cards that also do Bluetooth (I don’t need the wifi features, this is a desktop - so I use Gbit ethernet over Cat 6 UTP). Some of these cards are just mini-pcie (i.e. laptop form factor) adaptors with a wifi / BT module…

My main local computer bits shop sells a couple of Asus branded PCIe wifi cards that also do Bluetooth, but I don’t really trust them, even when I go to Asus’ website, it won’t tell me the chipset details (this is so they change to whatever other chipset they want to switch to without any warning) - so I can’t determine if they have Linux support.

Note : I don’t use BT dongles on any of my Dell laptops - because they have onboard BT, and I don’t seem to get these symptoms… However this 20.04 desktop machine is my Synergy KVM server when I’m working at my desk (i.e. one keyboard/mouse combo to control everything)… So I want reliable bluetooth working on it.

I’m also probably going to try for something (a PCIe solution) that does Bluetooth 5.0, so I’m “future proofed”…

This solved my issue. Thanks