Bluetooth NOT working, after Upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 16.04


I am using Dell Latitude 3460 Laptop, before I have used Ubuntu 16.04 then I have upgraded it to 18.04. Then the bluetooth has stopped working. I am not able to connect it to any device using bluetooth. It doesn’t discovering the bluetooth devices.I want to connect it to bluetooth speakers.

I have tried some other sites using google nothing worked.
If anyone can solve this please respond.


Jump into command line. Use the command:


And then, turn the scan on:

scan on

see if it recognizes your bluetooth speaker or any bluetooth device. If yes, use command pair with mac address of the bluetooth device.


I’m having the same issue - I know the bluetooth adapter is in there because I installed it :slight_smile: At the time I was running Mint 18.3 and it worked great! I was able to connect with my wireless headphones no problem.

But I have been experimenting with different distros and was never able to get it working again with new installs - I’ve been through Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mint 19. The bluetooth manager freezes. I tried bluetoothctl just now but the cursor has been blinking on the prompt “waiting to connect to bluetoothd…” for about 10 minutes, no result.

I have also tried uninstalling the native Blueberry package and using Blueman, but that gave me the same result. Is there a next step for resolving this connection error with the bluetooth adapter?

I’m on a Dell Latitude E5530 currently dual booting Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint 19. Thanks!!


The module already was loaded ?
Already searched in system configuration ?
Already strong googled in problem correction ?
Make this asks for own … :sunglasses: