Bluetooth speaker connects, plays all sounds except midi

I am using Linux Mint 19.3. I use Timidity++ in order to play music from Noteworthy Composer. This works fine. However, I cannot get NWC to play through a bluetooth speaker. I have no trouble connecting the speaker to my laptop, and all other sounds will play through it. But Noteworthy is still playing only through the laptop speakers, which simply don’t have enough volume.
I’m very new to Linux, having always used Windows, but refused to deal with Windows 10. I’m slowly learning my way around Linux, and can usually find the help I need online. But not finding anything about this. Can anyone help?

after taking a look through the timidity man page (i don’t use it myself), it seems there is a way to direct the output through different devices. from timidity -h (the help page for the timidity command):

Available output modes (-O, --output-mode option):
-Od dsp device
-Os ALSA pcm device
-Oj JACK device

-Od is the default so i would try -Os. you should be able to see some of information about your alsa pcm device with the alsamixer command. i don’t have jack installed on my mint 19.3 virtual machine, but if -Os doesn’t work, it might be worth a shot to try -Oj.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Tried -Os, but all that did was prevent it from playing through the laptop speakers… so no sound at all. I don’t have jack installed, and don’t know how to use it.

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There’s a better audio control “doohickey” (sorry for using technical jargon) for gnome, “pavucontrol” (“sudo apt install pavucontrol” on debian/ubuntu)… much better than the other doohickey that comes out of the box in Ubuntu gnome… Not sure which one Mint defaults to… offers more fine grained control of audio output (and input)… you can disable output devices too, I use it to block audio going out through DisplayPort…

Just found your topic now.
Sorry that I cannot really help you with your problem, I suspect NWC runs on WINE for you?
Let me please suggest Musescore, which is native to Linux.

I’m not a musician, but my son is, and according to his opinion Musescore is almighty regarding music sheets, notes, and such.
In case you like it, I recommend to install it via ppa, and a how-to is here:

Thanks, Daniel. Apparently, pavucontrol is Pulse Audio, and I already have that installed. Oddly enough, when I am playing Noteworthy Composer via timidity, Pulse is unaware that there is any application playing audio. As usual, I remain baffled.

Musescore has some advantages. Although I would have to learn it, which could be a challenge (early stages of Alzheimer’s). One disadvantage is that I have probably hundreds of music files in NWC format, and would need to resave them as midi files to open them in Musescore. But if it will play through the bluetooth speaker, it will be worth a shot. Thanks!


Musescore played through the bluetooth speaker immediately! So I will invest the time in learning to use it. Thanks for the suggestion!


You’re most welcome, and I’m glad I could be in some help… :wink:

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