Bonne fête Nationale de Yorkshire

Ok this has nothing to do with computers. Linux, technology but it’s a very special day.
Happy Yorkshire day

And if you want to sing along
We just need rain, snow, fog, freezing temperatures for a typical Yorkshire summers day.
Any negative comments I will put down to being jealous of not having the same origins as me.



My missus is of Yorkshire extraction (she was born in Wiltshire, but her parents and grandparents and cousins all lived in Yorkshire - nearly all coal miners, or their wives / daughters).

And despite living in Australia most of her life (she emigrated as a two year old “ten pound pom” with her parents and older siblings), she still pronounces bury as “burrie” not “berry”.

Love Bill Oddie…

I also love Michael Palin’s Yorkshire stuff he did for Ripping Yarns (The Testing of Eric Oldthwaite [“our ma’s black pudding were so black, even the white bits were black”] and “Golden Gordon”)…

Got to 23 (celsius) here in the eastern suburbs (foothills) of Perth - and it’s still kinda/sorta “midwinter” - beautiful day - just got back from a joyride on my e-scooter… Back to 17 tomorrow, and rain…

You can take a child out of Yorkshire but you can’t take Yorkshire out of a child

Bet she knows how to say bath correctly and can make Yorkshire puddings

Just now sat in the sun after my morning swim, drinking Yorkshire tea in my Yorkshire cup but with french water and the wine taste funny in tea.

My cousin’s were 10 pound pommes but we’re not suitable and we’re asked to leave before they were ejected.

My grandparents (fathers family) came from Shropshire and Newcastle on Tyne.
Not quite Yorkshire, but either side of it, so can I celebrate too?

Happy to share so yes you are very welcome to enjoy, the more the merrier.
Sadly, like my wife you can never be a Yorkshire man, takes around 13 generations before you can proudly say “Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred”
“You can always tell a Yorkshire man, but you cannot tell him a lot!”
Ha ha ha

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Happy Yorkshire day @nevj

Enjoy the summers :slight_smile:


Provides a bit of cheer. Its mid-winter here in Australia.


Ah! I forgot that weather in the southern hemisphere is the opposite :wink: