Brand New Open Source Visual Studio Code Competition

While surfing Github, I found this little gem.

A code editor written in Rust, that takes the good parts of VS Code and improves them.

The biggest highlight for me personally is, that you are finally able to write plugins for software like this, without being forced to use JavaScript (TypeScript), Python or whatever hell hole you have available.

You can actually write plugins in any language, that compiles to WASI. This, for example, includes Rust and C.
Compatibility with C implies compatibility with lots of languages based on or compatible with C, like Nim.

I am super excited about this open source gem and will follow along and keep being updated about its progress.

Perhaps, some of you might be interested in checking out this piece of software. If you already use VS Codium, you might try this one!

Rust rocks!

Fuck JavaScript
Fuck Python

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It seems the key components are WASI and Webassembly.
Lapce is a more an interface for the programmer, the big advance being it compiles to WASI

Correct me if I read it wrong