BrexitLand Ago go

I came this humorous pix two years ago, and quite frankly, the alleged responsible adult, is clueless.



Any bargaining chips held by tiny island community off coast of EU?? :rofl:

Regime change here without a shot or whimper :nauseated_face:


Wits wiv u like? Yous takin’ da piss or wot. Yous win ov dear remoanrz int’t ya? Wees owt now an nowt yus is do bowt it rite? Wees got oor sovrinty bak proppa! Necksed wees gonna get oor colonys bakk an yous remoaners kan just kry a bluddy rivver rite!!


Yo, @Daftvador Bro – luv it, Like, can seez yooz finked it fru in-it? Our frenz gona build a wall an pay fe it too – massive init - jus like new London Garden Bridge Mayor Bozo finked up. Failed project cost taxpayers £55 million. :angry:Anywaize wot av the European Romans eva dun fe us? Roads, EU law an awda, central eetin, wine, wiminz rites, sanit wotzit, like khazi init? Massive init? Like……
YouTube - Monty Python: What have the romans ever done for us? :rofl:


My Brain Hurts! :man_scientist:

Are You The Brain Specialist - YouTube :grin:
Monty Python at 50: Gumby World Record Attempt, 5 October 2019, London - YouTube :crazy_face: