Brightcove video downloading

I am seeking a solution towards successfully downloading Brightcove videos entire with sound.

Video Downloadhelper for Firefox has issues which lead to no sound with a video download, and in the case of Brightcove videos, Video Downloadhelper does not work at all, not detecting the video.

Solutions please!

Sounds like what YouTube has started doing. They stream separate audio/video streams, which means, in case of a download, you have to mix them together yourself.

Try this:

This is the best video downloader on earth. If Brightcove is as famous as it seems, youtube-dl probably has support for it. It will do the manual audio/video mixing automatically for you, if you install ffmpeg before isssuing a download.

One site of importance to me is Sky News Australia, and I need to download a couple of videos from this site from time to time, however, the Brightcove video on the Sky News Australia site does not display the video link upon right click, making it difficult.

Read the manual on how to use youtube-dl and you’ll probably be fine. Usually, you do not need to provide a direct video link. If the website in question is supported by youtube-dl, then you just need to provide the website link where the video is streamed on.

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Success thanks. I tried this:

1: used your advice with youtube-dl

2: fired up Video DownLoadHelper in Chrome (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

3: opened Hit Details within Video DownloadHelper

4: drilled down the page to ‘masterManifest’ and copied the https link

5: opened a Terminal box, type in youtube-dl and pasted the copied link from Hit Details → masterManifest

6: pressed enter and away the download went, downloaded the entire video plus sound

7: video worked perfectly.

Thanks again for the guidance.


YTDL is a great utility not only for Youtube vids, but also another great sites. If you don’t feel comfortable using the Terminal, then try any of the available graphical interface for ytdl. This is my favorite one!
You also can try 4K Video Downloader if your videos only comes from Youtube…

Hope that helps!

You can also try GUI mode of youtube-dl from

I personally use this one. Easy to use and configure. Also works on several other sites to download any type of video. Check it out.


Is my favorite one I mentioned above!!! :smiley:


…or Facebook, or Vimeo…
I don’t know the complete list of supported sites, but it definitely can handle more than just Youtube.
I used it to download from YT, FB and Vimeo, and always worked…

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I know it´s a bit late discussion-wise but nevertheless:

for anyone interested:

lists of all the supported sites covered by youtube-dl ordered alphabetically.

Many greetings.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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