Bringing an old webcam back from obsolescence

One of the pleasures of my old age is visiting a shop devoted to used computers and parts ( Sometimes I get lucky (such as the desktop rig I am using now), and sometimes not.

The webcam in question is an Intel Play “Me2Cam” made with Mattel, circa 1999. It is Model APB-26065-99A. In the shop, Cheese found it on a test laptop running Zorin.

At home, I tried two Linux distros (Ubuntu and Mint). Cheese couldn’t find it, guvcview found it but it renders poorly (tiny picture, magenta bars) and SkypeforlLinux identified it as “USB Webcam” but that was it.

On Windows, none of the so-called drivers available on chats worked, and no P-n-P either. (Little aside – I forgot how many scoundrels there are in Windowsland who offer you fixes, only to flood you with ads).

Can this one be rescued?