Browserpass auto-fills passwords in your browser

I’ve see people complain about KeePassXC and its auto-fill feature. When browsing Github, I’ve randomly found a browser extension that supposedly does exactly that:

However, I don’t need this extension and have never used it. So I’m not recommending for or against it, because I never used it myself. I just thought, I might share this thing, for people to try out, if interested. Then maybe someone could share their experience.

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I might check this out - ran into a situation today: I now have 3 different customer Service Now environments I need to access… when it was just two, that was solved by using Firefox for one, and Chrome for the other…

And I discovered today, if using Chrome in incognito, it doesn’t autofill account details that were saved in non-incognito mode, nor does incognito mode save / cache creds… PITA!

Or maybe I’ll just end up running Microsoft Edge for that when it comes out next month for Linux…