Btrfs versus .ext4

What are the difference and should btrfs be used? Will Linux fully adopt btrfs?


OK!!! Why would I use btrfs, instead of ext4? Cannot see much of a benefit that pertains to
regular users.

It depends on the use case and user. My friend uses it. I use ZFS (which is pretty much BTRFS on steroids). But I also can understand, if an average user simply does not need it.

In the end, the user has to decide for himself. It’s his decision.


In the end I used ext4 and gpt to install EndeavourOS/Mate. I keep one Linux install for
all my boot logins, and for years I have used nothing but Mint/Mate, until just a few days.
I installed some Arch based distros, on another drive and the Mint/Mate grub menu just
would not run Manjaro or EndeavourOS, but the grub menu from either Manjaro or EndeavourOS
would open everything, including W10. Come to find out the grub install from a Debian based
distro is not compatible with the Arch based distros.

I use Btrfs because its instant snapshot feature. I take snapshots with Timeshift.


I too use it, finally, on Linux… Only on one instance right now (Ubuntu 21.04 on Lenovo Thinkpad E495 Ryzen 5) - and I’m encrypting it too. I much prefer it to stock encryption of ext4 on encrypted LVM…

I’ve been using ZFS for well over 10+ years now - first on Solaris systems, but then also started managing Oracle ZFS Filer appliances (i.e. one at each data centre) - those things rocked! Much as I hate Oracle, I like that storage solution, probably the best bang for buck in the Corporate NAS storage space. Hitachi NAS solution is UTTER CRAP, pure garbage, and costs 5x more than Oracle’s. NetApp is pretty mature, but again costs heaps more than Oracle’s. I reckon the commercial version of FreeNAS “TrueNAS” on iXsystems supplied appliances would probably compare favourably.

Also been using ZFS on my home NAS for nearly 10 years now (December 2011 went out and bought a HP N40L microserver for around $250 - still using it! Recently bumped it up to boot off SSD and change 8 GB DDR3 to 16 GB DDR3 ECC) ZFS on FreeNAS - it kicks arse here too! Doesn’t skip a beat. I reckon I’ll buy a spare power supply for it (the N40L) one of these days, I reckon I’ll probably get another 10 years yet out of this thing!

So - when / if I do a rebuild of my gaming desktop machine (Ryzen 7) - I’m going to go ZFS encrypted there too…


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