Bubble Chains - 2D Qt-based puzzle game

Classic Bubble Chains desktop game has been ported to Qt5.
Now it runs without SDL on (almost any) Linux and also on Windows 10.

Sorry! I don’t understand the rules of the game and how do you play. Do you shift around the balls with the mouse? What are “targets”? I was never into playing video games anyway, so I might be just to ignorant to understand the obvious.

However, I would always strongly recommend against running any installation routine from an unverified source with superuser privileges.

The rules are quite simple, you just have to drag the mouse over a chain of the same colored bubbles. Chains will disappear and add some score to the corresponding targets (at the very bottom of the screen). When all targets are completed, you will progress to the next level.

Regarding the installation, I am afraid I cannot understand what do you exactly mean. Normally one could run sudo make install to make the application installed after it has been built from the sources.