Bulk Move Thundebird Emails to Folder

In Ubuntu 18.4, Thunderbird, for some reasons it grabs up all email messages and displays them in Inbox, including lots of old emails. I’ve looked for some way to move all at once, as I can in Windows 10, after marking that little star next to the messages, but I can not find a way to move all at once as I can in Windows 10 email.

I’ve looked at Help / Tips , Tricks, short cuts to no avail.

Is there a bulk move command / key stroke / Move function some place to click on to move the entire bunch of emails to a folder I’ve just created?



With the cursor in the msg subject pane, use Ctl-A to select all the msgs…Then go to the Message menu and select “Move To”

Thank You, that’s going to be a big help!