Calendar stops/closes on doing month forward arrow and then month back

Ran across this problem yesterday. Anyone else?
Program is just called “Calendar”. Version 41.2
Jim :slight_smile:

Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1

@panhead51 ,
That library is a virtual package. It is part of the kernel.
So it puzzles me how it can have date problems.

Is you system time daemon working?
Look and see if ntpd or equivalent is running.
Run date and see what you system thinks the time is

If your system is not keeping time properly you need to find out why and fix it.


Thank you for looking at this and for your response. I appreciate it!
I don’t have a date/time problem.
The application is “Calendar”. I don’t remember if I loaded it but I think maybe it came with Mint several releases ago. I could be wrong (often).
I have the Calendar hooked to my Google Calendar for events every day.
When I open the Calendar, it displays the current month with events. I press the arrow right icon (next to the month near the top left of the screen) to view next month’s events. It displays next month’s schedule. I arrow left to go back to the current month. The Calendar program closes and the display returns to whatever was open before that.
I tested it on my wife’s PC’s Calendar program. She had no link to my Google Calendar and the program did NOT fail. I then added my Google Calendar to her PC and, on repeating the same steps, her’s failed also.
Linux Mint 21.1 x86_64
Kernel: 5.15.0-56-generic
Calendar V41.2

OK not a time issue.
You have shown it is due to adding Google Calender.
Not much you can do to fix that…

  • can you run google calender in a sandbox… eg firejail
  • are there any settings in google calender that might change its behaviour

Thanks again Nevj!
I don’t know anything about that but I’ll take a look.

Join the club, I know nothing about any calendar.
Your local Calendar is Gnome calendar. This may help

Otherwise I am lost. Happy New Year

Thanks Nevj!
Now, I can’t replicate the problem on my or my wife’s computers. I have no idea what could’ve changed.

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Using the Proton Calendar (and Protonmail) seems to avoid these problems for me.

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