Can anyone share best and light weight themes for Mint?

Looking for light weight themes for Linux mint.

What version of Mint are you using XFCE, Cinnamon or Mate??

I am using using XFCE

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I am too using XFCE. I have used many, many themes over the years and used a theme from Peppermint OS as a template, changed the color and made it my own. I can link my themes I have made, which are based off of Arc themes, but been given a whole new spice of color. Some people say they look dated, but work in any GTK2 GTK3 environment. Below is link to my Dropbox. Arc Themes light and dark themes, in a targz file. Dropbox - Arc Themes.tar.gz - Simplify your life

Here is one I recolored into dark grey, if you’re after a complete dark theme?

Highly recommend Sardi icons to go with these themes. Have included them in with my Smooth Grey Dark Theme. The dark Grey theme is made for XFCE.