Can boot time be improved on dual boot with Windows 10?

With fast boot disabled and all… just wondering if it is still possible to improve boot up speed prior to selecting Windows 10 or Linux distro?

-DELL Latitude E5430 with SSD.

You could try disabling startup apps that you don’t need, Screensaver, Bluetooth etc. Which OS boots first? When I dual booted I had Linux Mint XFCE edition booting first. Is the install of both EFI or Legacy?? Are they on the same drive or separate?? Makes a huge difference if they are on separate drives. Also what Linux OS are you running?

Are you talking about POST?

As of late, have been testing MX KDE and FerenOS.
Both on a single SSD drive.
Guess it is likely the POST part that is in play.
In that case, there is probably nothing much to do.

Is it i3 or i5 version? How much ram has it got? The i3 versions came with 4GB of ram, i5 8GB some of them. Shame there isn’t a choice to put extra SSD in. I’m a big believer that dual booting should be done on two separate drives. Weird that Dell kept going with the Latitude E5430 for Windows 7, 8 and 10. You get a handy Express Card slot with temperature gauge conversion Fahrenheit to Celsius convertor, ruler with inches and mm on, round cut outs with different measurements for measuring I guess for different screw sizes? You don’t see that on any other Laptop.

i5 with 8Gs or RAM my friend.

Did manage the other year, to run MX separately on a SSD plugged usb3 but wanted to try another distro and have lost both in the process 'cause i couldn’t follow the steps correctly. Twerp i am!

MX boot speed wasn’t bad at all!

The only problem I find with the boot time in Laptops which slows my experience down is because of the splash screen. Since here at home I use my Desktop Tower, which has Ryzen 5 2600 CPU that needs a dedicated graphics Driver for display, when booting I get the Motherboard Logo ASROCK on screen for three seconds, then straight to the Login Screen. In Laptops the boot time is hindered because it’s forever running a diagnostic in the background, whether or not it has power plugged in, Wireless or Ethernet cable.

I have a ASUS Ryzen 5 Mobile chip and NVIDIA 1660ti Gaming Laptop, it’s unfortunately running rather slow with Linux Lite on it at the moment, but going to go back to Linux Mint Ulyssa. It takes forever with the splash screen and even with the latest NVIDIA driver, it still does not just display the Motherboard Logo, which if it did boot times would be much faster, as it’s booting from BIOS this way round. Would be good if Intel and Ryzen had this incorporated into the BIOS.