Can I install Linux mint 19 on a Toshiba l305d it already has Linux mint 18 on it

I have an old Toshiba that has Linux mint 18 on it it’s not working well the guy who built it gave me live bootable CD or DVD of Linux mint 19 I’m trying to run that do I have to wipe the hard drive before I put 19 on this computer please help if you have any tips or advice

Hi there.
Besides the old hardware, you can install LM 19 aside LM 18.
It will ask you that (give you the option) to do so in the install process.
What’s your intention with the notebook?
Do you want to keep the LM 18 installation for any reason?

Yes, you may.

However, I would advise that you copy all the important files (like documents, music, videos etc) from your home directory to an external USB disk.

And then install Linux Mint 19 by replacing Linux Mint 18. Once installed, you can copy the data from your external usb to your newly installed system.

Because it makes little sense to install Mint 18 and Mint 19 side by side specially when Mint 18 isn’t working well. It will occupy disk space unnecessarily.

thank you for responding so quickly I do not wish to keep the 18 the problem is no matter what I do I can’t get it to boot so I was giving a live CD or dvd and I was able to get that to actually Boot and get to the operating system once. I’ll go and having a hard time getting back there. I know just enough to be dangerous as they say. I believe DVD that I have is it 32 bit and my system is 64. from what I’ve seen and read That’s not the ideal situation and maybe why I can’t get it to come up every time. when I get to the beginning of the next 19 and it says do I want to boot it up we’re going to compatibility mode or check the integrity I’m not really sure what to do. I’ve changed my BIOS order to boot from the DVD drive first then go to the hard drive. I’m thinking I should probably just get a new hard drive. I’ve also tried to wipe that hard drive and start over they’ve been unsuccessful. I have an external Maxtor drive, I was thinking about trying to hook that up and possibly boot from that. I also downloaded hirens boot CD and rufus onto a USB. although I must have done it wrong because I can’t get anything out of that either if you can give me any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. unfortunately the only way I can only get to the grub menu and from there I’ve tried everything I’ve seen on YouTube but that 18 get stuck on the Linux mint logo.

I do not want to keep the 18 that’s why I’m putting in the 19 the 18 it’s stuck on the logo it keeps saying the execution is freezing I can’t seem to fix it you have any suggestions as to how I could wipe the drive clean and start fresh with the new one that would be greatly appreciate it thank you

Alright, from your description, I can surmise that you don’t have any experience in formatting your system and installing operating system on it. No worries. We all have been there at some point in time.

The first step for you is to back up your data on an external USB disk.

And then use another USB disk to make a live USB of Linux Mint 19.

You can download it from one of the mirrors on this page:

The download file is in ISO format. If you can log into Mint 18, you can download a tool called Etcher :

It is downloaded in AppImage format. Right click on this file, go to properties and give it execute permission.

Now when you double click, it should run this etcher tool for creating live USB.

Plugin your USB, browse your download Linux Mint ISO file and flash it to the USB.

Once you have the live USB, keep it plugged in and restart the system. If required, change boot order to boot from USB.

Please check if you could boot in to live environment or not and then we can take it further from there.

As I understand it, you can’t boot into the installed LM 18 anymore?
So backing up your /home folders is only possible by starting from USB/DVD (letting aside the possibility of booting into a shell and logging in).
You can do as @abhishek suggested and create an USB bootstick.
Problem here, you seem to need another (functioning) computer for downloading the ISO and creating the stick.
You said, that the first DVD was given to you by someone. Maybe it’s possible, that you can ask for another DVD of LM 19.3 on DVD (64bit)?
Then you can boot up live, copy your data to your external harddrive and then install LM 19, selecting “replace LM 18” when asked what to do.