Can I install & use my Ricoh SP111 Laser Printer in xubuntu?

I am trying to install my Ricoh SP111 Laser Printer on my notebook. (Dual boot Win10 & Xubuntu)
No driver found on Ricoh support site, my friend told me, that printer was not compatible with linux os.
Please help me…

I’ll share my experience. I bought HP Deskjet 2130.

The initial setup for the brand new printer could not be done on Linux because Linux was not supported for the setup purpose. I setup the printer with my Android smartphone.

Once it was setup, I connected it to my Dell XPS 9350 running Ubuntu 16.04 Unity. It needed no drivers or any kind of special configuration. Printer was immediately recognized and I could print it without any problem.

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME and it needs no drivers or special configuration as well.

Bottom line: if you have the printer setup already, try connecting it to your Linux system and see if it works already before looking for drivers and stuff.


Thank you…!

How did you setup your HP Deskjet 2130 Printer with your Android smartphone ?


The instruction were provided by HP itself. I don’t remember the exact detail but it should be easily found on HP websites.