Can Mate access external hard drive

I have 2 laptops running LM 19.1 cinnamon version. i use an external drive to save home files such as downloads mint documents etc.

Since i tried to use virtual box in cinnamon it did not work to run windows 10, i now considering installing Linux mint mate on one of the laptops, my query is that will mate able to acres the external hard drive used in linux cinnamon

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you could try a live usb to see how the external drive acts with mint mate on your system.


One test is worth a hundred opinions. :smiley:
But you did not say what was the file type / format of the external disk drives.
I found this page on the web that shows “most common file systems in use with the Linux world.”


I have found that the difference is how a specific file manager displays unmounted drives. Nautilus shows them before they are mounted while Caja does not, for example. Once it is mounted, it will be displayed.