Cannot change permissions on a newly installed NVMe drive

Installed an NVMe drive in an Ubuntu 20.04 computer. The owner of this drive is root. The drive is read only with only one Lost+fround folder on it, not sure who created it. Cannot do anything with it except to watch this empty folder. Need to change ownership and/or access to it to be able to read/write/execute. I cannot fathom why this has to be so hard. I have edited the fstab file to make the entries look exactly like the entries for the other two drives. They work fine. The NVMe drive will not budge. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

I’ve got the same problem,
ROOT seems to have taken over and I can’t even ‘eject’ a USB drive without password.
It’s probably a security feature, I haven’t bothered to find out why though.