Cannot change theme

I don’t know why cannot I change the theme in my ubuntu using GNOME. Does anyone has the solution behind it?

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Hi there and welcome. :slight_smile:

Can you let us know what version of Ubuntu you’re running?

What have you tried so far? How did you install the new theme and tried to change it?

Hi Susan and welcome to our community. Hope you enjoy your stay with us

As others have said it would help if you let the community know which version you are using just so the answer is relevant to that version and you can get the best help. As this is your first post it is an easy thing to overlook when you just want an answer to a problem.
I have posted this link for you from @abhishek which explains how to do it in 18.04 and 16.04 which will help you.
If it doesn’t just come back and some one will be able to help you further.

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Welcome @susan123

Which version of Ubuntu and which theme ?

The ubuntu version that I am running is 18.04. Just the problem is that I cannot select any themes.

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It would probably help if you would create a GIF of what you are trying to do.

You need to install Gnome Tweaks from the store. It will help you see listed theme and choose the one you like.

If you haven’t installed a theme, makes a .themes folder in the home directory and place the theme inside it. It will work in most cases.