Canon Pixma TS 6000

My printer Canon Pixma TS6000 put all the documents to
print in the queue en therefore I am not able to print.
I searched the whole internet for a solution and can´t find any useful help.
The printer is recgonized and give no errors
Xubuntu 20.04

Try this command in a terminal:

lpstat -t

Delete all the jobs in the print list
Remove the printer totally
Then reinstall

You did not say if you were on WiFi connection or cable as the installation is slightly different, but if in doubt ask


Thank you for all the respons! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The printer is on WIFI, I’m still working on it, let you know the results.

Problem solved and thanks for your suggestions.
The router blocked the ip adress of the printer and that was the reason for the continue queue.