Can't re-install deluge due to dependencies - but can't install python3-libtorrent

don’t know how to continue - was updating kernal - took forever - in software manager - finally rebooted…was informed before kernal update Deluge would have to be re-nstalled but now i cannot get anywhere with it. any ideas?

What exactly is happening?

Do you have to use deluge?

There are other options, I personally use transmission… And I think Brave browser has a builtin torrent downloader?

it started when i tried to install Calibre - dependencies were needed - my sys is out-of-date - i have linux mint 18.3’sylvia’. could not install dependencied for this or deluge.
today, i tried to install at Konsole: sudo -v && wget -nv -O- | sudo sh /dev/stdin
[sudo] password for sarah:
Using python executable: /usr/bin/python3
2022-07-20 11:33:29 URL: [33493/33493] → “-” [1]
Your system has GNU libc version 2.23. The calibre binaries require at least version: 2.31 (released on 2020-02-01). Update your system.
also, just did ‘fix broken packages’ in synaptic - no dice
thanks for trying to help!

That’s old. You should upgrade your system.

It’s not even in the official list anymore.

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thanks! i am trying to locate either of those now…
is there a version for transmission you recommend? on linux mint?

Sorry - I just use whatever transmission version comes by default from my distro (in my case Ubuntu 22.04).

I’m not aware of any version specific stuff with transmission. AFAIK it’s fairly basic…

Ubuntu 22.04 installs it by default (i.e. I don’t have to add it later) - version 3.00 (bb6b5a062e)

To be honest, I barely ever use it - I have transmission-daemon web UI running on an OrangePi SBC running Armbian - been going some 4+ years or so, doesn’t skip a beat - plonks torrent output onto my NAS - could easily do the same with a Raspberry Pi, but the OrangePi was doing nothing so I put it to work - I just leave it up and running 24x7. Where I find a torrent I just paste the torrent (or magnet) link into transmission-daemon web UI… I can do the same in transmission itself, binary application running in Ubuntu.

Transmission, on Ubuntu automatically knows when you’ve got a torrent or magnet link in the clipboard, e.g. File → Open URL, and the URL field gets automatically populated with the clipboard contents… I’m pretty sure older versions on older Ubuntu releases exhibited the same behaviour.

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thanks! wow - lots of stuff there - maybe ubuntu 22.04 is the way to go. i believe i may need an expert to call in to help me update/upgrade my os

Ubuntu 22.04 is my personal choice, after doing lots of distro-hopping - don’t particularly care for Mint - but - that’s personal preference, lots of people prefer Mint to anything else.

A later version of Mint should have a later version of Transmission and/or Deluge in its repositories… I agree with what others have said, Mint 18 is getting a bit long in the tooth…

thank you, Daniel. my saga continues - i got Transmission + Brave’s transmission client going (seems i need both?) - but still need to get help on the OS. seems i heard, but can’t find any info - that you have to go up the ladder one-by-one from version to version? or would a fresh/clean install of Ubuntu 22.04 or Mint 22.1 work going from Mint 18.1? (there used to be a small company (OSdisc) that created flash drives stepping you through all of the install in realtime - i used them to instal Linus Mint 18.1 on my new laptop in 2017. they do not exist anymore.) do you know who/how to get help on this major (for me) project? sarah

Hi @Sarah_J ,
Unfortunately OSDisk are gone.
Today to get a new distro you have to download the .iso file from the distros website , or a mirror site, and then copy that .iso file to a USB drive. ie make your own flash drive similar to the one you used to get from OSDisk. Then boot from that USB drive, and the installer will,start.

When you do a fresh install you erase the previous distro, so it will always work. Do a backup before you try to do an fresh install. You especially want to keep all the files in your home directory.

If you have never done that , look up the distros install instructions. They will be on the distro website. Let us know if help needed
@daniel.m.tripp and @Akito are really experienced at this so you can get some guidance.

thank you SO much! this is a slow process for me - i am still backing up my files/dirs - just in case! sarah

Very wise to do backups first.
Take time, and let us know if there are questions

I’ve been using qBittorrent for about 6 months :+1: I’d been a confirmed Deluge user for years, but…qBittorrent edged Deluge out.

Mint Forums

Lots of Mint info at the above.